In The Kitchen
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Weekday Breakfasts
We serve the freshest certified organic eggs available from New Century Farm!


Todays Quiche:

See the menu board for details

Todays Scrambler:

See the menu board for details

Two eggs any style with potatoes and choice of toast (French rosemary, sourdough, wheat or rye)  7.00
with sausage links 9.00
with Black Earth Meats bacon 9.00

Chile poached eggs with French rosemary toast, prosciutto and manchego  7.00

Breakfast sandwich with fried egg, cheddar-spiked boursin, applewood smoked bacon, tomato and green onion on toasted ciabatta  7.50

Omelettes with Marigold potatoes and choice of toast  10.00

Berkshire ham, parsley, green onion, and gruyere cheese
Artichokes, oven-roasted tomatoes, green onion and asiago
Zucchini, roasted red peppers, goat cheese and parmesan reggiano
Chorizo sausage, roasted sweet corn relish, cilantro and sharp cheddar cheese
Applewood smoked bacon, parmesan, spinach, oven-roasted tomatoes and cream cheese

Duck Confit Hash new potato, caramelized onion and fresh herbs; served with two eggs any style and petite greens in champagne vinaigrette  12.00

Roasted Salmon Frittata herb roasted potato, fresh dill, cream cheese and scallions; served with petite greens in champagne vinaigrette  11.00

Chilaquiles oven baked corn tortillas smothered with red and green salsa and queso fresco 10.00

add avocado 1.50 chorizo 2.00 or both 3.00

Tofu Scramble roasted red pepper, scallion, black bean, toasted corn tortilla strips and red salsa; served with petite greens in champagne vinaigrette (vegan, gluten free)  10.00

add avocado 1.50

'Cakes & Toast

Buttermilk pancakes with orange-almond butter and pure maple syrup  8.00

Blueberry pancakes topped with orange-almond butter and pure maple syrup  9.00

French toast brioche drizzled with pastry cream, seasonal berries and pure maple syrup  10.00


Grains & Fruit

Steel cut oats with fresh strawberries or bananas, butter and brown sugar  5.00

Yogurt with toasted walnuts and pecans, fresh seasonal fruit and local honey  7.50

Fresh bowl of fruit 4.00

House made granola with yogurt and dried fruit 7.00

Barley Saute zucchini, spinach and oven roasted tomato; served with over easy egg and baby arugula in champagne vinaigrette  9.00

Daily Sweets

Selection of tarts, coffee cakes, scones, muffins, bars from our bakery case

Little Ones

Ages 8 and Under
One egg scrambled with bacon or sausage and choice of toast
Single buttermilk pancake with syrup and bacon or sausage
Mini french toast with berries and syrup
Add a cup of fresh fruit for 2.00


Hot Beverages
Marigold Blend Coffee roasted by Colectivo
Maple Latte, Hazelnut Almond Latte, Orange Mocha, Cafe Miel, Caramel Latte
Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha, Cortado, Americano
Hot Tea, Chai Tea, Hot Chocolate

Other Breakfast Drinks
Milk, Fresh-squeezed orange and grapefruit juice, Cranberry, or Happy Valley Farms tomato juice