In The Kitchen
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Weekday Lunches
Please inquire about catered platters for parties and meetings.


Grilled Chicken and Prosciutto
with shaved parmesan, giardinere, tomato, dijon mustard and frisee on a baguette 10.50

Chili Braised Chicken
chihuahua cheese, chipotle cream, shredded romaine, and red onion on a toasted rustic roll 10.00

Roast Beef
balsamic roasted onions, blue cheese mayonnaise, tomato, and arugula on a baguette  10.50

Chutney Chicken Salad Sandwich
housemade pickles, tomato, Wisconsin sharp cheddar 
and romaine on a toasted bun  9.00

Turkey and Artichoke Grilled Cheese
bacon, sautéed spinach, artichoke parmesan spread, and tomato on grilled wheat  9.50

Tuna Melt
open-faced with housemade pickles, tomato, Wisconsin swiss and cheddar cheese on rosemary bread topped with a petite arugula salad tossed in champagne vinaigrette 11.00

Grilled 1/3 pound Black Earth Meats *Burger
with choice of Wisconsin cheese: gruyere, aged cheddar, or gorgonzola, tomato, romaine, shaved red onion and *aioli on a toasted bun 9.50

Portobello and Havarti Grilled Cheese
portobello mushrooms, arugula pesto, oven-roasted tomatoes and Wisconsin havarti on rosemary bread 9.50

lemon dill hummus, shaved carrot, cucumber, feta cheese, kalamata olive, and roasted red pepper on toasted ciabatta 9.00

House Braised Corned Beef Reuben
melted Wisconsin swiss, tangy dressing, tomato, and sauerkraut on grilled rye  11.00

Other Eats

Soup Made daily from scratch - Served with your choice of toast wheat, sourdough, rosemary, or rye  Small 3.50 Large 4.90

Arugula Pesto Pasta Salad 3.50
Green Olive and Bacon Potato Salad 3.50
Door County Potato Chips 2.00
Field greens tossed in champagne vinaigrette 4.00
Cabbage salad 1.50
Fresh fruit salad 4.00
Toast 1.95
Ciabatta or Rustic Roll 2.10  


Daily Specials

Todays Soup:

See the menu board for details

Todays Special:

See the menu board for details


Grilled Chicken and Mixed Greens
tossed with gorgonzola cheese, toasted walnuts, basil, snap peas, sweet corn, red onion, basil and tomato in a caramelized shallot vinaigrette  12.00

Warmed Spiced Squash, Bacon, and Spinach mixed greens, toasted pecans, farmers cheese, and shaved red onion in citrus apricot vinaigrette 10.50

Marigold Mix
organic spring mix, grated carrot, corn, sugar snap pea, red onion, kalamata olive, cherry tomato, cucumber, and parmesan cheese in balsamic vinaigrette full 8.00 half 6.00

crispy romaine leaves, red onion, anchovies and toasted croutons coated in rich caesar dressing and grated Grana Padano  full 8.00 half 6.00

Roasted Beet and Apple
chopped romaine, frisée, shaved shallots and celery in maple goat cheese vinaigrette 9.50

Roasted Chicken and Tuscan Bread
pine nuts, arugula, frisee, oven roasted cherry tomatoes and black currents tossed in Champagne vinaigrette 11.50


Selection of sodas, tea, coffee, espresso drinks and juice

Lake Louie, Ale Asylum, Spotted Cow, and Capital Amber

mimosa, bloody mary, greyhound